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After years of giving so much of yourself to dentistry, compromising on your retirement is not an option.

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With a dentist as a founding partner that has been through the process of selling a practice himself, we understand you. With a broker that has more than 20 years of commercial sales transactions we have the experience to help you. With a research based approach to practice valuation that is published in the literature and supported by lenders, we have the authority to accurately determine and defend your practice value.

You deserve to retire the way you envision it.


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We will appraise your practice, identify your transition goals, list your practice, and get you from your op to your dock. And we’ll do it for half the fees of some of the other Canadian brokerages. We are also the only dental practice brokerage to offer commission to another brokerage that brings a successful buyer, increasing the number of prospective buyers for your practice. Remember, we are dentist-owned and our priority is your retirement.


Don’t gamble with your equity on a high commission structure in a seller’s market. With The Dental Broker Team, you work with a dentist and a broker. That’s how it should be.


We sell your practice. You keep your equity. You retire richer.