Dr. LeMone attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City for dental school and graduated in 2004.  Since the completion of his training, he has owned or been affiliated with over 18 dental practices.  He currently co-owns and operates a small group practice and DSO in the Spokane Washington area.  Challenges in dental office management lead Dr. LeMone and his business partner to develop and create an innovative dental administrative software named Dentavine.  Dentavine is a secure cloud-based receptacle that houses all information and knowledge needed to run and scale your office or dental group practice.  The value of Dentavine as a software is particularly exemplified when a practice loses a key employee, a second location is opened, or in entering group practice.  Dr. LeMone currently lives in Utah, loves the outdoors, is married and with four children.  You can learn more about Dentavine at www.dentavine.com