Dr. Miyen Kwek graduated in 1997 from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto. Over the years, he acquired, built and branded a multitude of community dental practices surrounding Kitchener/Waterloo where he focuses primarily on comprehensive care, surgery, implants, and digital dentistry.  In the last 3 years, he built and acquired 5 additional successful practices in Southwestern Ontario with key partners, while coaching other dentists and their teams on how to do the same. His ability to combine business systems, technology, clinical efficiency and case acceptance has resulted in a platform that has helped clinicians attain significant success in practice growth. His unique approach to the business of dentistry has sparked the interest of many dentists providing them with a clearer path to clinical excellence and profitability.  He prides himself with having the ability to have one of the lowest overhead practices in Canada despite discounting his clinical fees, while at the same time,  paying his staff well and not controlling sundry costs. Asides from his clinical and business accolades, he has mentored countless colleagues over the past decade using an innovative hands on teaching style for oral surgery, implants and now CAD/CAM, launching them years ahead in their career. As a result, Miyen co-founded Dentistree Academy, a proven platform for hands-on clinical mentorship, which participating dentists believe is truly the Next Level of Education. On the side, Dr. Kwek has spoken nationally and internationally on numerous topics such has Oral Surgery, Implants, CAD/CAM, fully integrated technology and Practice Profitability.  He has lectured for companies such as Henry Schein and Patterson and is currently a Speaker and Key Opinion Leader for VITA North America and Dentsply Sirona, in some of the most coveted dental events in the industry. Miyen has an incomparable view on how to succeed and believes that the “path less travelled” and “thinking outside the box” holds the key to success in today’s changing marketplace in dentistry. Currently Miyen is bringing the lucrative world of real estate development into the dental industry to pursue  his ongoing quest to create win-win opportunities and relationships for everyone.

You can learn more about Dentistree Academy by going to www.dtacademy.ca