Are you ok with having to learn the business of dentistry through trial and error?


Are you ok with the cost this has on your financial and emotional health?


Are you ok with the reality that we as dentists graduate into a profession with some of the highest costs to deliver healthcare but without any education or help with how to earn a respectable income?


Further, how can you be expected to buy or start a dental practice today and avoid costly errors without education in practice finance?


How can you be expected to advocate for yourself in a climate where brokers refuse to work with buyer agents and you haven’t been given the tools to critically appraise a practice valuation?


Gaps in dental school education, unilateral representation in the brokerage marketplace, and an overwhelmingly unanimous demand for knowledge from dentists inspired the answer to these questions many of us have been asking for decades.


This episode introduces DDS CFO: An educational institute for dentists. The DDS CFO curriculum is about maximizing the value your practice can bring to your life and the value you can bring to your practice. No longer does learning the business of dentistry require the same lonely, inefficient process of uneducated trial and costly error to reach higher levels of achievement and profit early in your career.


Created by Dr. Sean Robertson, DDS CFO is your opportunity to maximize the return on investment of your DDS or DMD degree early in your career.


The first course of its kind being offered by DDS CFO is called THE FIFTH YEAR.


Intended for dentists in their first five years of practice, enrollment begins late Fall 2022. Spaces are very limited, with a class size of only 12 reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. Learning is through 10 weeks of lectures, small group collaboration, and a 100-page workbook with assignments and required reading.


The commitment is an hour and a half a week of online lectures and discussion, with 30-60 minutes of weekly assignments. Learn more about this exciting educational opportunity in this episode.