Dr. Rowshani is the founder and president of Muskoka Dental Group, located in Huntsville, Ontario.


Combining his passion for entrepreneurship with his skill in dentistry, Dr. Rowshani launched a high-growth dental network in the Muskoka-Huntsville region of Ontario. As founder and president, he steers business strategy, and coaches and guides the team. Muskoka Dental Group has grown to become the largest single-owner dental network north of Barrie, serving 10,000+ patients.


Recently, he launched Muskoka Dental Laboratory, the only lab from North Bay to Barrie, which provides essential laboratory services to dental practices in the northern region, with a turnaround 5 times faster than shipping out to labs in Toronto.


Dr. Rowshani is also the founder and CEO of International PPE Supply Inc.


Promptly, in response to the PPE shortages faced during the onset of the pandemic, Dr. Rowshani launched PPE Supply Inc. in April 2020, securing a medical device establishment license from Health Canada as well as Canadian Standards Association approvals in a matter of months.


After starting by producing surgical face shields in one of his dental offices, he rapidly scaled the product offerings to deliver medical-grade surgical masks, gowns, and shields.



In their first year alone, PPE SUPPLY INC. manufactured 400,000 masks and 15,000 face shields. They also supplied 25,000 gowns to dentists across Canada and select pharmacies in the Muskoka region.