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Dental Practice Valuations Done By A Dentist

We will appraise your practice, identify your transition goals, list your practice, and get you from your op to your dock. And we’ll do it for half the fees of some of the other Canadian brokerages

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The Canadian dental practice appraisal and brokerage industry is unregulated. Approaches to dental practice valuation are inconsistent, lack transparency and, until now, have had poor evidence to support the methodology. This has produced a dogmatic approach to dental practice valuation and sales that often leaves buyers and lenders frustrated and sellers in the dark on the why, how, and what of practice value. It’s time to make your legacy count.


You are doing your homework and considering your options. Your goal is to minimize your risk and maximize your outcome. Below we offer 5 value propositions to show you how DBT can do this for you:

Profession Specific Valuations

Most appraisal methods apply non-specific principles to practice valuations. Our valuations are profession-specific and developed only for dentistry.

Understanding & Transparency

Increased understanding and transparency leads to more buyers and greater lender approval. That’s a win for the seller.

Appraised by a Dentist

Your practice is appraised by a dentist and listed and sold by a broker. We never pass you off to an associate.

Increased Ethical Standards,

We are the only brokerage to offer commission to another brokerage that brings a successful buyer. Not only does this increase ethical standards, it brings the potential of even more buyers to the table.

Lower Fees

Our fee structures are among the most competitive that exist. We sell your practice while you keep your equity.

Highest percentage of price paid over appraised value post-COVID

Thousand dollars of vendor equity saved per transaction we save our clients

thousand plus buyers looking to purchase a practice in our database

of the major Canadian banks that have approved our appraisals