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“Working with a trustworthy broker is extremely crucial for both the acquisition of a new practice and the sale of your life’s work. Dr. Sean and his team were transparent, easy to work with and reliable every step of the way. They did all the necessary due diligence. We worked alongside them for a VERY seamless transition. The team was professional but kept us feeling comfortable. Acquiring a practice is no easy feat. Dr. Robertson made us feel like he cared just as much as if it were him buying the office. As a buyer, we are always on high alert but there was no need for that when working with Sean.”

Dr. Essam Ghobrial

"A huge THANKS to The Dental Broker Team! Knowing and trusting Lisa, my high expectations were exceeded. Sean and Michael got the practice sale and transition completed with ease. They have the client base to expedite the sales process and to allow a perfect fit. The professional, experienced services allowed for a stress free sales and transition process. The Dental Broker Team has an excellent choice."

Dr. Edward Chong

"I decided to go with Sean at The Dental Broker Team to appraise my dental practice. When I was ready to proceed with the sale of my practice, Sean was there to guide me through the process. He was honest, quick to respond to my questions/concerns and a real gentleman. I give Sean and The Dental Broker Team my highest recommendation for personalised support in the sale of your dental practice. "

Dr. Benjamin Krasna

What an amazing experience! “From start to finish Sean and Michael carefully guided me through all the steps from appraisal to completion to successfully sell my practice and building. They listened to my wishes regarding the type of candidate I was hoping for as well as my transition and retirement goals, all with the utmost professionalism. I have no hesitation recommending their services as dental brokers.”

Dr. Laura Hudgins, Peterborough, ON

“Since having The Dental Broker team handle the evaluation and sale of my practice, the best 6 words I can say are: “The.Best.Money.I.Ever.Spent.” They maximised and demonstrated the value and potential of my practice by a very thorough analysis of the professional and financial aspects of my practice. Easily understood by vendor, buyer, and loaning institution. Such a smooth transition. 37 years in practice and this is the best company I ever dealt with. It was a nice way to finish! Thanks again for a super job.”

Dr. Gerard Magne

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